Believing in a Dream

Poster 2 - Taleflick (Bianca Staines) - reduced

I recently read a book written by a friend of mine. It was hilarious and addictive, with dogs, cats and concussed hamsters, but it was more than that – it reignited my faith in books again!

I remember reading as a kid and becoming immersed in books, itching to get back to the pages to read more. I loved the rich characters, the imagery and weaving plot lines. But it has been decades since I had read a book that had me still up at 1 am when I had to be at work a few hours later. That is until I read The Tale of Prince by Bianca C. Staines.

I thought that my lack of enjoyment of books was because I had grown up and lost my imagination. This book gave this back to me and made me realise that there were still books in the world that I could become obsessed by.

Bianca actually gave up a promising professional career to dedicate herself to writing this book and has already finish book two of the series (I’ve read the draft, and it’s equally amazing!). I completely believe in this amazing book and have always told her that I could easily see it as an animated Pixar movie.

Now she is in the running to have her book put in front of the very people who could make this dream a reality.

As my followers you know I don’t even blatantly promote my own writing, but you will also know I love promoting the achievement of our dreams and living a full life. So, in this light, I’m blatantly promoting my friend AND her book, because I genuinely believe that they are both going to be successful when discovered by the right people.

Please follow the following link to simply vote for The Tale of Prince (on page 2). You just need to hit a vote button – that’s it. Better yet, please also share this on your social media pages or any way you can….

Thanks so much for your support! I’ll see you at the movie premiere 😊

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2 thoughts on “Believing in a Dream

  1. Don’t ever lose faith in books, Wendy. It’s just a matter of finding the right one(s) 🙂. The best books for young people are truly amazing, and I despair when I hear of some ignorant adults complain that they aren’t “proper literature.” You bet your life they’re proper literature. I hope your friend achieves her dreams, and in the process sweetens the dreams of readers both young and old.

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    • Thanks dude! And thanks on behalf of my friend. I hate people judging books – if someone likes it, great! If someone doesn’t, then they should just move on. you can’t please everyone.

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