My Visiting Dreamer


I feel you with me. The feeling is so strong that when I come home, I am surprised not to find you waiting for me on the front steps.

I move through my evening, attending to the minutiae of life, wondering when you will appear.

I look out the window, expecting to see you waving from amongst the long grass.

I mistake the words of a song on the radio for your voice.

As I cook, I turn to tell you something funny that happened today, but the chair is empty.

I go outside and mistake a soft breeze for your touch.

The fire dies down and I wonder why you have not added more wood.

I lie in the bath waiting for you to reach in and caress me.

You are not in my bed, waiting to hold me.

Soon it is time to retire to a world of dreams – the only place I ever find you.

Am I dreaming you, or are you dreaming me?

And when will you get here so that we can dream together?


Couple photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels



14 thoughts on “My Visiting Dreamer

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