Seeing the Tiger Within

A friend sent me this image of a painting by Lucia Heffernan. After I had finished laughing, I printed it out and put it on my wall. Not because it matched my décor; not because I needed more cat pictures in my study; but because I suddenly saw the profoundness of it.

Cat Self Portrait

Here was one very average-looking cat, examining his own reflection, who genuinely saw a tiger in the mirror. At that moment, I wanted to be that cat. I wanted my friends to be that cat. I wanted us all to cultivate that innocent, yet unyielding faith, that we all have an inner tiger. Because I believe that we are all capable of greatness beyond our wildest beliefs. That we can all achieve our dreams if we just go for it. And that despite every message in this world that tells us otherwise, we are on this Earth to become the most awesome version of ourselves possible. Not a ginger domesticated shorthair cat, but a beautiful, fierce and majestic tiger of the forest.

So, what do you see when you look in the mirror? A pussy cat? Or a deeply powerful wild animal, with strong instincts and the strength to survive the harshest winter? A tame, captive creature? Or a worthy inhabitant of this earth, ready to live a free and expansive life?

The choice is up to you.


19 thoughts on “Seeing the Tiger Within

  1. I loved the picture. I think I will put it as my mobile wallpaper.
    “despite every message in this world that tells us otherwise, we are on this Earth to become the most awesome version of ourselves possible” – I will make sure to write this bit too on a piece of paper and stick it to the wall! 🙂

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    • Ah, so I’m not the only one with little phrases stuck to my wall and the edge of my computer screen! It’s so easy to forget them otherwise. I have a gorgeous blue velvet journal that I write them in too, once the quantity gets out of control :o) Thanks for your comment.

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  2. Execute your actions into conviction, we all have storms trying to rip us apart over and over again others will tell you time heals everything …This is a mirage of deception the truth is time heals nothing. ” The Storm that teaches you to learn and endured embrace it don’t run in dismay .

    I to I’m vivid writer also created my own philosophy: I am actually writing my second book more like some thoughts I started to write and creativity I came up with. I wanted to bring the eyes of brimstone into human form I call it” Devil’s Kiss of Death his sole purpose is to infuse the world into a blanket of death. The Viper never uses the same method of execution twice nor attack the same place twice . There is signature why and how he chooses his canvases for his master pieces only he knows that.

    The Viper uses toxins specifically Venom : And he watches savouring every detail as he watches with erotic euphoria until his poison has infused every aspects until they aspirate

    I also created a Bio into understand the sadistic, twisted psychologically what makes him tick. But like every voracious Puppet Master there is always someone that has your kryptonite.

    Which will come later

    Let me know what you think or there is anything I can add one writer to another



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    • I have to say, the graphics and images on your blog totally rock!! And your writing has a strength and rawness that is both terrifying and intoxicating. Your book sounds like a deep insight into the dark side. I always think the underlying motivation for evil acts is crucial, so that people can relate to the person and they become real. Like in a murder mystery – people will commit murder for very basic reasons, but there always has to be a motive. Can you do this and therefore create some sort of empathy and relatability in the readers towards this Viper, and if you could twist that and turn it on it’s head, you would really do a head job on your readers. Your idea sounds wonderfully disturbing and filled with deep and difficult truths!
      Thanks for your support 💖

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      • Awesome Wendy I take great pride and Voracious details. In keeping raw and authentic before I was watering down my writing and expressionism because I am not one to sugarcoat things I say how it is . But I was trying to be sensitive to others , however I found that it was missing raw elements of intensity and wasn’t being real.As many see themselves and associate with the hero there is one monumental flaw in the hero they are not real” Because they are always seem as flawless never in malice where as the Villian in which I correlate with embraces all aspects of them will never try to be something they are not .

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  3. By pass the mess texts and comments didn’t think it would copy that way my bad. Here is another link I think you would enjoy voracious nature of it.

    Can I quote you on expression you get from my writing I enjoy hearing others excitement from the emotional roller coaster gravitates from my writing .

    “I have to say, the graphics and images on your blog totally rock!! And your writing has a strength and rawness that is both terrifying and intoxicating. “

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  4. Also the Viper I am working some different angles adding in humanity composition if possible I have few ideas up my sleeve, as I await for others to quiver in intoxicating fear. Because the unknown is what they fear most.

    I wouldn’t bouncing some ideas off of you Wendy !

    Again thank you for expressionism

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      • If I had that sort of imagery running around in my head all day, I don’t think I could sleep at night. Just reading it gets my blood pumping (in an exhilarating way).

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      • I can promise you the way I think and cerebral views my actions are executed with conviction I love being the unknown

        If you allow your actions to be predictable you lose the element of anticipation.


      • Actually I don’t I am night hawk

        Here is Summary of the Back Story

        I have some ideas to intertwine the elements of humanity” if you look at at almost every perfect storm that breathes life ready to unleash Hell on Earth.

        There is cause and affect that fuels the correlation to ascertain acts voracious violence.

        So here is a summary of elements to infuse into the intro to understanding the climax.

        SK – Father was abusive alcoholic that would quite often inflict his erosion of suffering on his son.

        Mother died during child birth

        Father Ivan Mcheren had affair with Sasha Markolva she gave birth to a daughter. Her husband was MIA Sergei Zemenov location unknown pronounce dead

        SK Father tried to kill his son in drunken rage with a knive later found dead inquiry an investigation cod was toxic cocktail base of protein being Black Mamba neurotoxin

        SK first Victim

        Sk- grew up on the streets of Cape Town left home at 12 would steal and break in homes to survive support income .

        Thoughts! Wendy


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