On My Knees


Some days are tough. Some days you realise you shouldn’t have got out of bed. Some days will bring you to your knees.

Today I was on my knees.

I’ve been living my life differently for the last six months – with faith, heart and bravery. It’s like living on a razor’s edge between joy and disaster. Things happen at lightning speed and sometimes it can be hard to stay on course.

The main problem with living with trust, momentum and an open heart, is that when a brick wall comes, you’re not expecting it, you hit it very hard, and your heart feels like its been run over by a bus.

Doubt creeps in. The cold hand of fear taps you on the shoulder. Your heart suddenly puts up all its defenses.

Today was exactly like that. I emotionally shut down as I watched a dream of mine crumble and fall through my fingers. I felt nothing. I could not communicate from my heart. My cup was empty and I had nothing to give.

But then something happened. I realised that this was not just my broken dream and that there was someone on their knees next to me, watching that same dream fall to the ground – doubting and berating themselves, hurting and shaking.

As we looked at the devastation together, it soon didn’t seem to matter. We were still there. We were together, and together we could find a way through.

He took my hand, lifted me to my feet, and we kept going. Somehow, someway, somewhere, we would find a way for that dream to come true.

The universe brought us to our knees to remind us that we are not the only architects in our lives. It gave us a chance to support each other. A chance to strengthen our dream. A chance to strengthen our lives. And a chance to strengthen our love.

Get down on your knees and thank God you are still on your feet.
(Irish saying)



Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels


17 thoughts on “On My Knees

    • Thank you so much. It’s funny, I’m a very sensitive person, but I find that my real strength actually COMES from that sensitivity and my emotions. Some people see it as weakness, but in the long run I’ve not found that. Hugs back at ya, babe 💙

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  1. Holding you in a vision of happiness. I know your cup is empty, it probably wasn’t big enough for the dream. Your architect team is designing you a new, bigger, better cup. It is going to be amazing! The Universe will rise up to meet you, this defeat is only temporary.

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    • Thank you, Julie. Yes, the dream has now transformed. Funny, I never thought that maybe instead of trying to fill a cup that won’t fill, to find a new cup. Wow!!


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