Walk Away


Why is it so hard to simply love me? You find it so easy to say those three words I want to hear, but they shatter into shards when you disappear.

Why is there so much to think about? Love is not a thought or a strategy, but a feeling that moves you.

Have you forgotten that love is not just about how wonderful I make you feel, but also how wonderful you can make me feel?

I know the price of great love is great loss.
I know to love without limits requires great courage.
But I also know the heavy toll of regrets.

So I offer you my heart, as it is – open, brave and waiting.

But if all you can do is stand there and make plans instead of kissing me, then I beg that you just walk away and set me free…


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


8 thoughts on “Walk Away

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