Where Were You?


Where were you as I carried my father’s coffin?
I looked for you in the mourning crowd.

Where were you when I trembled in fear?
I called for you.

Where were you when I cried out in pain?
I waited for your touch.

Where were you in the lonely nights?
I reached out for you.

Where were you as I fought dark forces?
I prayed for you to stand by my side.


Now you are here as I brave the world.
I feel you holding me.

You are here as I close my eyes at night.
I find you in my dreams.

You are here touching my body.
I feel you like a gentle breeze.

You are here when I falter.
I feel you catch me.


You are here in my heart.
And the distance between us is closing.



Photo by Pixabay on Pexels



18 thoughts on “Where Were You?

    • I’ve been told I’m an incurable romantic, so I suppose this comes from the hope that somewhere in this world a love that goes beyond words, worlds and understanding exists, and will someday find me 💖 Thank you for reading, James, and for your kind and encouraging words 😊

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