Dirty Blogging Tactics

Bird soup

If you think I’m above posting cute cat pictures in an effort to get likes and followers, you’d be wrong. This is my gorgeous girl, Evey, drinking her bird soup.

Have you got any dirty blogging tactics, a cute cat, or maybe even both?



41 thoughts on “Dirty Blogging Tactics

    • Oh I have the same problem trying to get photos of my chickens for articles – they are blurry, blinking and in weird positions! Thanks for visiting, and for your comment :o)


  1. She’s absolutely beautiful, and love that she likes “bird soup” haha! I haven’t yet posted a picture of my cat Charles “Bruiser” O’Houlihan (my boys named him, that’s his Cat Fight Club name apparently, my boys are all adults) Charlie for short. But I think I’m going to now, lol.

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    • Sweet that you have lovely memories of your cats 😊 Yes, Evey is very fluffy. Apparently, that makes me a but of a softy witch, but it’s not like I chose her. Cats always choose us 🤫 Thanks so much for your comment.

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    • I agree. Longer posts don’t seem to get any more response than shorter ones. I’m also more inclined to read a shorter post completely, while long ones I may skim or not finish, and therefore am less likely to comment etc. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting 😊

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    • Nice try! I’ve got HEAPS of Irish blood in ME! LMAO 😂 If there’s one thing the Irish ARE good at, it’s good-humoured sarcasm 😇 Love your comment!

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