My Writing Mentor is a Beagle

Snoopy1It is a dark and stormy morning (sorry Snoopy).  It is days like these that I like to write.  There is something cosy about letting your imagination go while the raindrops run down the windowpane and the house creaks in the wind.  My hot chocolate and I feel so safe here, despite the surrounding whirlwind of clouds and ideas.
I suspect this goes back to rainy days when I was a kid. The need to stay indoors and use our imaginations to create new games, or just being able to curl up with the latest Secret Seven book.  Between the rain we would don our wet weather gear and launch toy boats in the big puddle at the bottom of the backyard.

Maybe my yearning is not actually to write, but to go splashing around in my gumboots? Maybe as an adult my writing is the equivalent activity?  To go splashing around in a world of words and thoughts.

Well, that was it – my splash for the day. Now I have to go do my “day job” to pay for more cocoa and Snoopy books.  And thunder is coming…


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