Three Day Eternity


We only met yesterday,
But Iโ€™ve known you through many lifetimes.

We kissed for the first time last night,
Remembering the many kisses that have come before.

We made love today,
Our bodies having been separated for too long.

Tonight we will fight,
Striving to keep what has been lost over and over.

Tomorrow we die,
Parted again.

One more step in a love that spans a million years.



Photo by Yuting Gao from Pexels



12 thoughts on “Three Day Eternity

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      • Hi Geri. From memory I did visit your blog and wanted to follow, but there was no normal WP “follow” box. Now that I look again, it is still not there. I’ve looked through my settings and I can’t see anywhere where you could turn this on or off, so it’s a bit of a puzzle. Perhaps contact WP support? Let me know when you have it fixed and I’ll try again and check for you. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


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