There are some days in life when a girl just needs her Dad. But I expect I’m not the only daughter in the world who can no longer call on a father that has passed into the next place.

What is it that I need from my Dad on this day?

I need the one person that really got me, because we were the same in so many ways.

I need the man that would hold me while I cried, even on those days I would weep for the loss of him.

I need the man who loved me, had my back, and stood up for me, no matter what I did, what I chose or where I was.

I need the man who would be excited about whatever I took on in life, as it was usually something he loved too.

I need the man that taught me to change a tyre, cried as he spoke at my 21st birthday, and sent me off into the world prepared for everything but losing him.

My father died on Good Friday over a decade ago. My last words to him? “I’ll miss you, Dad.” And I still do. Every day. And today.


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18 thoughts on “Missing…

  1. I know I’m late posting to this Wendy, but so many hugs to you. I’m so glad you had a wonderful relationship with your dad. You are so lucky, not all of us experience that close connection or even a connection with our fathers. You are indeed a lucky woman to have had a father that got what you were about, and I’m sure he appreciated and was proud of you!

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    • You are not late at all!! 😊 Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I know I’m very lucky in this regard 😊 I think it’s so important to have this relationship, and I wish more dad’s knew what an effect they can have on their daughters lives, for the good or bad. It might change how they act.

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      • I agree, there are no words to even begin to explain how a father impacts a daughters life, as you said, I’m talking about the bad specifically. I’m sure a great father can and will have a positive impact on her life.

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  2. I can well imagine your pain and the loss Wendy. Most of us have that someone special; father, mother, spouse, child or even a friend – whom we resonate more with and who is always there for us; but then one day: they are not there any more. God be with you both — in whatever dimension your father is now.
    His love and care is there with you even today.

    If you haven’t read it already read it; pls do read my post — Time Heals Nothing

    Love and blessings

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      • My pleasure Wendy. I don’t know what you mean by : free to include the link next time – my settings allow for one link before blocking?

        I have been off WP for some months now and I may not be very active for at least 4-6 weeks more.

        Thank you so much for your comments on my post and sharing the link. You are welcome to reblog that if you want to.

        Love and peace

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      • Thank you. What I meant was that you may include the path/link to a relevant post of yours in my blog comments. If you include more than one, your comment will be blocked as spam, but one link is okay. I welcome sharing of related posts and like to support the blogs of my followers.
        Take care. We will see you when you return.

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