Too Beautiful Not to Share


Sometimes I discover a piece of music that I find myself listening to over and over, and it is a pathway to other places, feelings and times. It inspires my writing and changes my state of mind. While listening, I can imagine that magic is possible, if only for the briefest moment.

This song is one of those songs, with it’s simple piano accompaniment, whispering lyrics, and melodious harmonies. I hope you might find a glimpse of magic here, too.


Balloon photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels


12 thoughts on “Too Beautiful Not to Share

    • I discovered on a compilation, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. There are lots of other mixes of it on YouTube, if you want to liven it up 😃

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    • Thank you so much! I got a similar nomination from another blogger the other day, so probably should get onto these! I’m relieved it looks like the same questions! 😃I really appreciate the nomination.

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